overdue goodbyes | hello new life

mostly i left amazing people back in kentucky. my family at Julia's house, my Tichenor family, my school friends...and i left a brilliant state packed with natural beauty that the culture perfectly mimics. i'm so happy i spent as long as i did learning kentucky. here are a couple of images i took right before i left...bye bye kentucky. i love you and all your happy people. see you soon.


 finally made it to colorado! zach played tennis with our couchsurfing friends. so thankful they let us crash at their house...we lived on people's floors for about a month until our house was open on august 1. it was fun being a vagabond but i'm having too much fun decorating my house now...(will post pictures soon).



here's to the start of a new life with a new love in a new place. happy and full.