my room

sara can decorate! who'd of thought...

the top two images are of a corner in our room. i found an antique desk that folds out and put z's old typewriter and my globe on it. i spent 5 dollars on frames from a thrift store..super cheap and easy wall art. 

the second row is a little project i just finished. it's old scraps from an amazing shop downtown just pasted to foam core. i paid 5 dollars for the scraps. 

and the bottom left image is my door desk. so excited about it. i bought an old door from habitat humanity and filled the top recesses with old postcards from the 70's. then i bought used glass and had it cut down to the sizes of the recesses. for the legs i used old kitchen and bathroom cabinets. the door cost 20; the glass was 20; the cabinets were 20 and the postcards were 5. i have a dream desk for only 85 that i made...exciting.