snow responsible for sun's inspiring superiority

i've updated the website, if you couldn't tell. i'm moving towards a more focused, focus. i'm applying for teaching jobs overseas, mostly indonesia. i'm moving towards the goal of international non-profit media management work. have been my whole life.

what is advocacy journalism? most people define advocacy journalism as journalism that decidedly takes a certain viewpoint thus straying from the traditional journalistic nuance of non-biased news coverage. some advocacy journalists have always held the idea that to be completely un-biased is impossible. i'm of that thought. and i'd like my life's work to have meaning and purpose. simply put, i want to use my skills to help others. 

if i teach (which i find challenging, exciting and equally rewarding) for a year in a brilliant country, i hope to:

one. learn the language (at least conversationally)

two. experience a fantastic culture

three. freelance for a non-profit i am in tune with and expand my non-profit portfolio 

four. save money

five. help some little ones learn a little more about english

six. after all is said and done i'll be one more step closer to an international non-profit job