red goose bumps

im sitting in my favorite spot in my florida home: the florida room. wicker chair,
red wine in hand eating fresh veggies i sauteed with butter as soon as i walked in
the door. i just got home from a rare adventure. a good friend and i rented a
convertible, packed (uhum very) lightly and as last minute as possible on a get
out of daytona trip to the Keys.


sunburn is a funny thing. to be honest, I wanted a sunburn. i thought the red and
prickly shade would be better than the pale veiny color my thighs were painted
before i made it to Key Largo. but at this point, the wine is having trouble taking
the edge off.


this morning, after i compared my calves to the rising sun, i realized i was more
saturated with warm reds and probably just as hot as the bright ball of fire shining
through our tent site. other than the sticky fire on every inch of my skin (minus
the private parts) i had an amazing time. i got to know a good friend. i spent
alot of money on myself (something i usually don't do). and i bought my mom
this amazing butterfly in a glass box (touristy, i know). but mostly, i enjoyed
the fluid conversation and easy silence of a friend i never got the chance to know
through college. it's amazing.

this picture was taken by my cohort on the trip. he's an amazing photographer.
and an even better person.

i felt a world away in the keys. no one was speaking english at the beach-side
restaurant we ate oysters and drank margaritas at. we were the odd ones. i
love that feeling. only 2 more months and i'll be immersed in a new life in
nepal. so excited...