golden ticket

we got to jhapa, nepal.

had a peek at the refugee camps yesterday. it's incredible how well the refugees are treated here. in most countries (we've been told) that a ticket to the US is like the golden ticket. but here, most of the refugees have cold feet and many change their minds, even though they have no identity here in Nepal and their own country has deemed them illegitimate. from an outside view, it only seems they'd be more excited to start over.

but picking up and moving to a completely different life, culture, existence has got to be scary. i'm sure i'll understand more as i spend more time in the camps. 1,500 refugees per month are heading to america. and the last flight of 2008 is this december 12th. we're hoping to find an interesting family to follow here and pass on the images/multimedia to the city they're heading to.

kari and i are brainstorming and researching which stories to choose from. i'll be posting as things develop. any words of advice or criticism would be much appreciated. 

here's to the dream....

ps. the light here is just as stellar as i left it 2 years ago. every day around 4, it glows like someone spilled magic paint on everything.