i broke my collarbone 5 weeks ago. as you read this just know that i plucked each letter out finger by finger. how do you one finger typers do it? the good news is that i got a job right before i broke my collarbone. i'm officially a project manager for a design firm. unofficially, i do lots more. like these logos, web designs and other fun design stuff:


mostly we get craigslist clients - which means they dont have grands to spend. so we end up turning over 4 or 5 sites a week. most of our clients already have an idea of what they want or a logo. sad day. and sometimes i have to follow commands like: "i want blue, green and mountains." it's not easy...but i am learning alot. and designing with one hand (the left handed mouse) is not easy or exciting.

this next one is for a guy who sells quilts...we're in the beginning stages. i offered three versions of this layout. he chose the red one. not my first choice but what he wants is more a flashy, exciting, bright website. i'll post the final site when it's done. 

version 1 of 3:

this is the one he chose:

more to come...for now i'm healing my clavicles, creating websites. ill take it.