I'm Sara and I'm a visual storyteller.

I design infographics and content for non profits and science-based organizations. Send me an email and let's collaborate. 



From Geek to Chic 
One of my favorite challenges as a graphic designer is to take vast, thick content that normal people would have no interest in and make it palatable. As a visual thinker with a penchant for learning new subjects, the transformation of hard data to smart visuals is a definite passion of mine. Whether it's a long infographic for social media, a data visualization for scientific research, or a factograph for a report, for me it's always super exciting work.



All the Pixels
I lived in Southeast Asia for about ten years off and on, working for large and small non-profits. I produced communication materials and a large portion of that work was web-based graphic design. Working for non-profits has a unique way of increasing your skill-set. I studied photojournalism but while working for non-profits, I picked up graphic design along the way. Presentations, micro-sites, website overhauls, social media content and online campaigns...there's never an end to creating media for online purposes. 



Tangible Design
Nothing beats the feeling of a well designed book or brochure in your hands. I'm thankful print is not dead like we thought it would be. I'm also thankful for the amount of work I get that is print-based. The process of designing for print and getting designs ready for print is so different than web-based design. There's a finality that requires exactness.  Long live print!



Photo Kathmandu

After the horrific earthquake in Nepal, my good friends at Photo.Circle decided to put on Kathmandu's first ever photo festival. I was very lucky to be a part of this amazing experience. Professional photographers from around the world, insanely talented local photographers and anyone who loves Nepal came to be a part of this festival. It was incredible.

Cambodian Children's Fund

I worked for CCF as a media manager for two years in the biggest city in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. CCF is an incredible organization that is doing very real and vital work to help elevate the most impoverished children and families in Phnom Penh. I can't say enough great things about this organization and my time spent creating media with them was life changing.