jellyfish lanterns

Lucky releases his one millionth lantern on New Year's Eve, 2013 on Rayong Beach, Thailand. 

Lalu (center) helps everyone on the beach light lanterns...then adds his flying sparklers...jellyfish lanterns.


legs. and light.

in our hotel room. which is cheap. last night the electricity in our room only went out. had to change rooms in the middle of the night. this room is only marginally better, the walls are infested with splotchy molds. the worst part about the other room was that i got used to the moldy smell after an hour or so.


feeling inspired by the students. by the other teachers. cambodians have mad swanky pajamas. silky 60's style.

the cutest kiddos shooting in the tuk tuk while teaching photo to students from anjali house in siem reap, cambodia.

monsoon collective

i did this for Sattya. we have a workshop coming up and the people and group we're collaborating with are called the "Monsoon Collective." so i made a monsoon out of the design.

i'm also really trying to move past my CLEAN design. Sattya really doesn't love the clean approach, so i'm learning to do it differently. merge and fold. merge and fold.